The Zeltiq method uses a clamp-like apparatus with two gel stains attached to it. Negative flab is clamped between the two patches, a method that causes the fat cells from the human body to freeze and die, getting absorbed by the body through the years.

The concept is that the fat cells beneath the skin are more resilient into the chilly and will perish before any other surrounding tissues perform; hence, skin is protected through the process. Although no separate study has not yet been run, the business reports fat loss percentages of around 40 percent in the treated region.

The outcomes of the process aren’t immediate, because the frozen fat cells have been processed by the body over a span of many months. Based upon the individual keeping up a normal routine of exercise and diet, the results could be irreversible. Since the process can only freeze existing fat, not stop new fat cells from being saved, the long-term advantages of the process rest entirely with the person.

Cosmetic surgeons don’t recommend the process for patients that are significantly overweight and state it doesn’t replace a healthy active lifestyle since the keyway of weight reduction. In accordance with body contouring specialists, the top candidates are people who have normal body weight who just have a stubborn subject of flab which won’t go away despite exercise and diet. The process is most frequently utilized to freeze unwanted fat away around the back or stomach.

In comparison to anesthesia, the Zeltiq process is not as invasive and takes a fraction of the time and price. Patients opting for Zeltiq may return to their regular activities immediately after the procedure, whereas the retrieval period after the operation can vary from a couple of weeks or months.

Patients opting to your Zeltiq method may have the whole procedure done at the physician’s office in an hour free of anesthesia and minimal side effects like soreness, redness, or bruising. Patients report some moderate pain and a tugging sensation brought on by the cold clamps.

The process could be repeated as required, but patients need to wait 60 days prior to a new treatment could be treated. The expense of each process can vary from $500 to $2000, depending upon how big the region being treated.

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