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Learning how to balance yourself while you’re out with your road bike is one thing, but getting to know common road biking hazards is another when the main focus of learning to ride a bike is also to keep yourself safe. Here are some common hazards that you are bound to spot once you go on the road.

  1. Roads filled with Gravel

When you need to pass by a gravel-filled road, get up to speed instead of coasting over them. Prevent from pressing on for power and brakes while keeping your bike steady on the ground.

  1. Wet Roads

    Spotting a rain cloud might cause some sheer panic to you if it is going to be your first time cycling through rainfall. Riding on wet roads are dangerous and requires more focus and grip, as you might get the inevitable splashes from passing cars, learn how to corner yourself by giving extra weight to the lowered, outer pedal. This allows you help the bike tires grip on to the road as much as they can.

  1. Paint Stripes

    The lane markings are one of the most slippery parts that occur on a wet road. Getting yourself at a safe state is easier by crossing the road lanes to achieving a closer proximity to the right angle as much as possible. Unless you are forced to ride onto the lane markings, make not to prevent from making unnecessary reactions and wait for the line to clear before moving on.

  1. Potholes

    Traffic makes it difficult to swerve potholes. Learning to overcome them by lightly popping the front will over the small cracks gets you over slowly and safely. Most potholes don’t require an excessive hop over them. While traveling at 25 miles per hour, all that is required is to momentarily shift your weight off the road to give your wheels a skip over the hole.

  1. Parallel Cracks

It’s important to learn how to cross a parallel crack without popping your tire flat. Leaning your bike slightly forward towards the damaged section and then popping the front wheel sideways helps your bike to get cleared off from the crack.

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