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Finding an automotive insurance company is difficult. While there are some great ones that offer reliable plans such as the Liberty Automotive Plans, there are still considerations that insurers have to take into account before determining the price of your policies. Here are some of those considerations:

  1. Driving Records

Insurance companies will thoroughly check your records for any sort of traffic violation or accidents caused by you. If your records are clean, the company will offer to lower the cost of your premium. However, if your driving records are tainted with serious offenses, you’ll be required to pay more than what is required in a clean record.

  1. The number of kilometers you drive annually

Higher kilometer numbers drove has a higher risk for accidents. If you have driven your vehicle lower than the average number of kilometers a year, you’ll then only be required to pay less.

  1. The area you live in

Insurance companies will look into the local records for the number of worrying events such as accidents, lawsuits, thefts, costs for medical and car repairs. This will affect the price of your policies depending if the rate of these incidents are higher than the average rate, which could mean that the coverage cost will be more expensive.

  1. Age

Insurers will most often charge younger drivers ages below 25 years old higher on their policies as older drivers cause fewer accidents when compared to newer drivers, such as teenage drivers.

  1. The type of car you drive

Certain types of cars require more to cover than others when including possible events such as the cost for car repairs, the chances of car theft, and the average safety records of the vehicle.


  1. The number of coverage

It’s simple. The more coverage that you have, the more you’ll have to pay. But the benefits of this is that you are qualified for more insurance discounts.