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Bamboo pillow are usually have similar qualities to a memory foam pillow as they both have a protective outer layer case, except this case is made out of bamboo. With the number of positive bamboo pillow reviews, we all can agree that bamboo is definitely an amazing material to be used on bedding as they help to improve sleeping problems. But even if you don’t have any problems sleeping at night, the bamboo fabric also cools at night which can help your muscles relax and keep your spine at a comfortable and safe position.

Even though you’ve heard a number of benefits for the best bamboo pillows, the downside is that taking care of these pillows require extra work to make sure they can last longer than your regular pillows. Bamboo pillows must not be cleaned with a washing machine. These pillows can crumble if machine washed. Instead, wash these pillows by hand instead.

You’ll need some gentle detergent and a sink or a basin to wash your pillows. Before you start washing, you must remove the bamboo pillow cover and have it machine washed with warm water at a gentle level. It’s only the pillow underneath the cover that must not be hand washed. After that, starting with a small amount of gentle detergent and warm water, wash the pillow gently by hand. Be sure to get the detergent into the entire pillow to be sure that it is cleaned from the inside and out. Remember to be careful with the amount of soap and water used as it can be difficult to rinse out the pillow.

After that, make sure that the pillow is fully rinsed of any soap before letting it air dry. Be sure that the pillow is completely dry before using it as even being slightly damp could create an open invitation for mold to grow.