The Institute for Global Economics (IGE) is a private, non-profit, research institute based in Seoul and founded in 1993 by Chairman and CEO Dr. SaKong II. IGE drives under two primary objectives which are: first, to provide various conferences and forums for leaders and global thinkers under the government, journalism, politics, business, and academia where the main agenda is to discuss issues and implications that affect the global economy, especially in Korea. Their second objective is to conduct studies related to the matters of global economic and security problems that contribute to shaping the government policies and structure business strategies.

Activities involving research are often conducted by visitors invited by the community of Korean Academic and Research. Furthermore, the Institute regularly participates in collaborative studies and co-sponsors multiple conferences and seminars that involve other research domestic and foreign institutes.

Chairman and CEO Dr. SaKong II worked as the Minister of Finance in 1987 to 1988 with the Government of the Republic of Korea. Other than that, he was also the Senior Secretary for Economic Affairs to the President from 1983 to 1987 before becoming the Minister of Finance. Other than that, Dr. SaKong II received many honors, which includes the highest Order of Civil Service Merit “Blue Stripes (1990) by the Korean Government. However, before Dr. SaKong served the Korean government, he worked with Korea’s leading think tank for the government which is the Korea Development Institute (KDI) for almost 10 years in 1972 until 1982.

As IGE focuses on gathering important leaders in order to address major global issues, the current Chairman and CEO, Dr. SaKong II has had his experiences in dealing with problems relating to finances and economics that allows him to be well suited for the role as the leader of the Institute.