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Technology has gone so far as to create a tool that allows people to see how they’d look if they were to drop a few kilos. While it is entirely simulated, it is not wise to just rely on faking your weight loss through photos when you can’t make an effort in real life. Skinny picture editors are popping up and played through ads on the amazing results after uploading your photo for the mechanics to take over. If you are using these apps for the fun of it, then it’s harmless fun until somebody decides to use it as part of their dating photo when in real life they are so much larger than they are.

Skinny picture editors like Fotor, Retouch Me, and PinkMirror helps to squeeze out those extra fats from your body and gives you an overall image of what you would potentially look like at your ideal weight. These apps work by having you uploading a photo of yourself and then making your way by setting the level of ‘skinniness’ that you want to achieve. It is best to remind yourself that the image result does not accurately portray how you would look like if you manage to lose weight, it is only a fun way to explore the different styles that you are able to create for yourself through your phone or computer.

Skinny picture editor apps usually have a squeezing type of feature that will pull parts of your body inward and blend out the background to remove any distortion. Others work like an instant filter without needing you to manually brush over the parts that you’d to make smaller. But in the end, retouching your pictures with a skinny picture editor is only fun and of course, not meant to be taken seriously.