We all know that the Harry Potter series is one of the most watched movies and they are always part of the best movies of all time lists. However, we also know that it has been a decade already since the last part of the series and until now, we only heard about something new is about to be announced. The sad part though as it will not be the same anymore knowing the lead star is already changed. This could be due to the age in which the old Harry Potter will not fit to the role anymore.

Do you want to bet if you still remember everything about the series? How about checking out below some of the things you most possibly forgotten already?

When the lead character Harry asks nearly-headless Nick about ghosts

We all know that the ghosts in this series are just but ordinary. Among them though is a more notable character in which at one point the movie, he is asked by Harry if Nick will somehow come back to life as a ghost.

The drinking problem of Winky

Because of the fact that this particular character is not really that notable, it is easy to assume that you might already missed  the scene when after she is kicked out due to some complicated tasks, she got into a severe drinking habit. However, the story has a happy ending for her though as she accept her fate in the end.

There are still a number of scenes you must possibly forgotten by now. However, if you take part of the Harry Potter London Tour, you should relive the moments when you are still in front of the big screen and excitingly watching one of the movies in the series.