Whether we use social media for advertising purposes or for individual use, we must take our own actions to keep ourselves protected although on those platforms.

Facebook has become the No1 social network website and a growing number of marketers are moving around to Facebook to the manufacturer, promote and establish their enterprise. Now 400,000,000 people log into Facebook at least one time per month and also the statistics show half of those log in each day spending an average of an hour each day to Facebook. With this can be mind, is there any wonder it is likely to attacks from hackers and spy spiders. Here are a couple of tips on how we could help ourselves to stay safe


I know you probably think that is clear because who would not have one? Well, at least 4 individuals from those 10 that read this guide won’t have one which follows them about. They are going to have antispyware that’s on their desktop which they upgrade and run once weekly. Some individuals do not have one at all, they simply depend on the inbuilt windows firewall and protector. This might be on account of the cost of antivirus software and there’s not any good reason for this since there are many good free ones on the market. I suggest AVG free this will protect you whilst you’re media and surfing. The next one I highly recommend is Superantispyware, this doesn’t shield you real time if you don’t purchase but it does not conflict with anything and when I have it running whilst media it does not impede my surfing experience down. I’ve got two since one antivirus can’t catch everything that is out there. What one antivirus does not catch hopefully the next one will.

Privacy configurations

When you set up your Facebook account your privacy preferences are set to advocate by Facebook themselves to Facebook are usually earning new features like My Places. It is important you understand how to get into your privacy preferences and how to put them to your preferences. You may see them at the top right in your Facebook profile in the drop-down menu. If you’re an online marketer, then you likely don’t need all of your information concealed but I really do recommend if you’ve got your profile connected to your small business page and you also post images of your kids or family you place your privacy preferences appropriately for example friends only. In your enterprise page, you may set your article by clicking on the lock symbol for everybody, which means that your own personal stuff is still secure but your articles could be observed.

We could take these hints to maintain ourselves a little bit safer but by no means will that completely protect you sadly from individuals that are decided to hack or attack your pc or your Facebook profile as you’re networking. However, the advantages of Social Networking significantly outweigh the drawbacks and as entrepreneurs, we do not go together with the”what if” we opt to the”I could” and any dilemma is only a mere stumbling block which we’re able to conquer.

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