Consult your stationer about green options including utilizing tree-free, recycled and recyclable paper and vegetable oil based inks.

Out of town guests

Calculate the mileage your guests will travel and contribute to a fresh energy or reforestation project that balances out the ecological effect of your trip.


Have the service and the reception at the exact same location, eliminating the demand for a massive set of people to travel from 1 place to another. If the ceremony has to be in a different spot, employ a bus to bring everyone to the reception together. Consider having your party outside. The more amazing the natural environment, the less you will need to spend on decorations!


Attempt using flowers that have been organically and locally developed.


Hire a caterer that specializes in locally grown ingredients.

Reception venue

Consult your reception manager in their green policies. Many venues are current on reducing and recycling programs.

Wedding party fashions

Try to select styles that everyone agrees they will want to wear again and again. Consider donating your bridal gown into a clothes charity.

Keepsakes for guests

Give each guest a tree seedling or a packet of wild flower seeds.

Wedding website

Share your excitement for having a green wedding with family and friends. You’ll be encouraging them to go green themselves. Every small bit of knowledge about how to help the environment helps everybody be more energetic about making a difference.

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